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What kind does curtain track have?

What kind does curtain track have?


Everybody knows curtain track and curtain rod are the rod that suspend curtain, if curtain track is exquisite is not adornment sex, that key is to be in functional sex necessarily, but also somebody curiosity curtain track is how classification commonly. Below, Pacific curtain track suppliers will introduce the categories of curtain track for you.

curtain track

Types of curtain rails

Curtain track according to the functional characteristics of the distinction, generally divided into:

Student: bend the track. We are in special curtain design, have mentioned arc landscape window to wait for all sorts of window model with octagonal window, the cloth curtain track of this kind of space needs to be able to bend, in order to correspond to special space, this kind of track is called curved track. When carrying out the installation of curving track, want to pay special attention to the radian of whole folding Angle, let whole curtain want to be able to smooth do not have the feeling of kaka when pulling. The average price of a curved track is about 35 yuan per foot.

"M track. M - shaped rail is the most common curtain track, the classic cloth curtain more use M - shaped rail to install, look at its section will know it is called M - shaped reason. Here is a little appeal, in the past track rope pull more, but because of the safety of children and human error, now generally recommend to use less pull, this track price is about 40 yuan/foot.

Curtain track check key points

1. The pricing method of curtain track is to carry the whole ruler unconditionally.

Curtain factory buys track from upstream manufacturer to be with 5 feet (150cm), 6 feet (180cm), 7 feet (210cm) way to buy namely, accordingly curtain shop also can use same way to calculate price to consumer. Curtain orbit quality and producing area do not have very big concern, basically it is raw material whether enough pure with pulley and track cooperate whether slippery is evaluation key, the inspection on practice can from the following a few dimensions, with ear, eye and feel good observation:

2. The noise level of curtain opening.

Sound is too heavy, too sharp and shrill certainly have a problem, because pulley and track contact is not smooth mostly, it may be the burr of pulley nozzle, insufficient strength of pulley plastic or track deformation and other reasons.

3. The smoothness of curtain opening.

If the curtain of your home is massy, in the first two weeks before you buy a curtain, please often go to pull a curtain, the slippery degree that feels it is smooth. If you notice in two weeks that it's not going well, then the orbit is going to be of poor quality.

4. Smooth curtain track.

Before installing the curtain, measure the straightness of the curtain track with a single eye to see if there is any serious deformation. The curtain is a long form piece, easy to be squeezed in the process of transportation, usually before the installation will be first visual inspection of the whole straight degree.

After the above inspection of the track, the quality is acceptable, please feel free to install it. If you like the space is lively and interesting changeful, feel curtain track shows a bit uninteresting, that can consider the window curtain rod with changeful modelling.

How to choose and buy curtain track

1. Thickness measurement: select the thickness, can guarantee the structure stability and service life.

2. Weigh in weigh: choose the heavier weight, with high quality aluminum, safe and reliable.

3. Look at the process: select the surface process delicate and beautiful.

4. Brand selection: Pacific Curtain Track Suppliers are recommended.

Identify the pros and cons of curtain track

1. Light: the weight of the sound when opening decided the pros and cons of the window rail.

2. Slide: the smoothness of the window rail, the strength of the slide rail and the load-bearing force are the indicators of choice.

3. Flat: beautiful shape, flat surface.

4. Safety: after testing, the degree of impact, tensile strength, oxygen index, elongation at break and heat resistance should reach the standard.

Curtain track installation method

Of course, before installation, we should do a good job of positioning, that is, the height of the curtain we need to install at home, as well as the position of the track to determine, after these positions are determined, we can start to install the curtain track.

Above all, buy appropriate curtain track, curtain track has different specification, can be divided into single track, double track or it is 3 tracks. If the window width in our home is greater than 120 centimeters, curtain ark had better be disconnected, the place that disconnects can be shined staggly, shined to want gentle curve, the length that lap is connected is not less than 20 centimeters, bright curtain box should install track commonly first. Heavy curtain rail should add machine screw, dark curtain box should add track after. The small Angle of heavy curtain track should encrypt space, wooden screw specification is not less than 3 centimeters.

The second step. Install the lifting clip, turn the clip 90 degrees to complete the connection with the curtain track, and then use self-tapping screws to install the lifting clip on the roof, if it is concrete structure needs to add expansion screws.

The curtain track can then be installed. After the curtain track installation is completed, the curtain rod shall be installed. Because the role of the curtain rod is used to hang the curtain cloth parts, relatively heavy, there are some additional points to pay attention to when installing the curtain rod:

Mounting points of tain track

1. The first step is to correct the fixed part of the connection. Install the curtain rod or wire and pull it on the fixed part. This step should be flat, positive and consistent with the elevation of the room.

2. If what install is standard curtain track, namely double track, its foundation width should be in 15 centimeters above. If be the width of monorail, can reduce a few appropriately.

3. If be the curtain of floor type or the curtain that overhangs mesa, want to let the width of windowsill when installing orbit, because the curtain droops when avoiding, become not beautiful.

4. Finally, it is worth noting that the actual wall should not be hollow, otherwise when drilling, the veneer will easily burst.

So, a few methods about curtain orbit installation and the place that is worth noting said here, the curtain had better be oneself begin to do, such ability installs the effect that gives individual character to come.