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What kind of curtain cloth

by:Pacific     2020-06-17
Choose the style of the curtain, color, pattern, etc are important, but the fabric of the curtain is also cannot be ignored. Because of the curtain cloth can also affect the decorative effect and noise, light, etc. So, what kind of curtain fabric choice are there? One option curtain fabric, printed on plain fabric with garden net transfer or printed on color, pattern as prints. Its characteristic: the colour is gorgeous, rich patterns, fine. fabrics choose the second, yarn-dyed fabric according to the requirements of the design, to classify gauze dyeing first, then through woven color pattern as yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, yarn-dyed grain is bright, stereoscopic effect. cloth a third option would combine the jacquard and printing, jacquard printing cloth together as two kinds of process design and color cloth. This kind of cloth curtain with sturdy, quality of a material is thicker, have very good shading effect. Four, dyeing cloth of curtain fabric choice on the white fabric with a single color as dyeing cloth. Ordinary curtain design and color are done using this technology, its characteristic: simple but elegant and natural. fabric choice of five, the shading effect of keep out sunshine is good, but there are half shading and shading. Privacy is better. Shading cloth with anti-glare coating cloth and cloth shading cloth, therefore, suggest that economic conditions good friend, choose shading cloth curtain rod to choose fabric shading cloth! Anti-glare coating cloth with toxic substances, had better not choose this, the fabric shading cloth is very environmentally friendly! Choice of the curtain cloth also have skills, general light good window, choose gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is suitable, you can try the shading. Light and dark can choose warm color department, can increase the temperature. About the curtain fabrics choose what we introduce here, hope to be of help.
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