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What kind of curtain good toilet?

by:Pacific     2020-05-18
Household usually want to install the curtain, bathroom, bathroom to toilet curtain needs of people, here are three kinds of curtain: 1, the blinds installation is given priority to, convenient pervious to light, the privacy protection has also been completed. 2, the shutter or lateral shutter curtain, it has the function of waterproof is especially suitable for using the toilet, and the characteristics of great variety, size at random. 3, hang curtain is different, as long as it is meet the waterproof, easy to use, can not only protect privacy when using, and can in no less than when light and the outside world. Toilet curtain collocation technique 1, space level a lot of people see the classic decorate decorate rendering will make such good of dimensional administrative levels, the so-called space hierarchy is the whole space, let a person feel one, pull a match the overall harmony is not abrupt, such decorating effect can not only improve the owner's living experience, will also be able to highlight the taste and connotation of the design. And toilet decorates wanted to pursue good dimensional administrative levels, bathroom curtain rod color is harmonious, in short, is a toilet to whole space and the color of your curtain maintain a tone, or is in stark contrast, this will let people have a kind of dimensional administrative levels on the vision. Such as toilet wall brick and floor tile color is black and white, so the curtain can choose gray, because gray, white, and black three color is the most classic bedroom color is tie-in. 2, toilet curtain colour collocation also use value according to the use value to determine, in a nutshell is according to toilet utensils colour collocation. Generally speaking, most of the toilet appliance is white, such as white wash basin, toilet, etc. , but the color of the bathroom ark not only the white, there will be other colors, such as the original wood color, gray, light yellow. Therefore, bathroom curtain colour collocation and toilet appliances color harmony, if toilet utensils are mostly white, curtain can choose the color is a little, so the whole match wouldn't appear mundane. 3, decorate a style to many people when they choose the curtain rod to determine, according to his be fond of doing so has certain risk, because sometimes people like curtains and toilet not harmonious collocation, will greatly reduce the whole toilet decorate effect, so the bathroom curtain color should be consistent with toilet decorate a style. Choose the Mediterranean style such as toilet and bathroom sanitary ware is mostly white, you can choose the curtain of blue, dark blue, light blue is ok, because the color of blue and white collocation is the most classic Mediterranean style is tie-in, can make toilet is consistent with overall and tonal, also can make the toilet of romantic atmosphere. Toilet curtain color geomancy taboo 1, most avoid is performed when choosing the curtain of the region will enter an error, think the color is better than the bedroom dress up in conjunction can, in fact there are fastidious in feng shui, for example, in the five elements belongs to the water, toilet should avoid the color as the main color of martial arts, and should choose should water of color, such as attributes such as color and white gold. 2, avoid is pink, many young girl heart empty women love to dress up the bedroom into a powder, powder, although this kind of color can let a bathroom appear sweet and tender, the curtain rod of the if unmarried women, small make up recommend using, put your feelings at powder bubble, but for married women, it could lead to her husband, so the pink color is taboo for married women. 3, avoid confusion of color some homeowners in pursuit of personality, love to pick some with trendy, unique texture, although these very cater to young people's psychological, but on the feng shui is the significance of bad luck, will bring adverse effect to family, especially for families with children and old people should be very attention, so in the toilet on the choice of the curtain should tend to be mild and tonal gentle color pattern. 4, avoid black and cold colors for black curtain, whether it is not apply to any bedroom in the home, not only will appear very damp, also can make living environment more dark blue at the same time, for the bathroom, but also embody the sheng, black curtain completely cover the eyes of feng shui, making the region of the polluted air is not very good release, cause household geomantic deposition is formed a collision. 5 the effects of feng shui, bathroom curtain color may have one or more of the toilet in the home, and provided the direction is different, so should use the curtain of different color, for instance toilet is in the northwest, the proposal chooses white curtain to decorate, can effectively promote the noble, when in the southwest, suggest that choose dark brown and soil color curtain, can increase the stability of the energy in the home.
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