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What kind of curtain rod are there?

by:Pacific     2020-04-11
Curtain is requisite for a new home decoration items, everybody when choosing curtain, should not only pay attention to the quality of the curtain fabric, but also pay close attention to its accessories quality, especially on the choice of curtain rod. In order to satisfy people's demand, launched on the market all kinds of different material curtain rod. So what kind of curtain rod are there? Small make up to today and introduce the common types of curtain rod and installation techniques, make a reference to need friends! The classification of the curtain rod 1. Nowadays there are many different kinds of curtain rod on the market, most often see is the aluminum curtain rod, when choosing the curtain rod of such material, should check the wall thickness, mainly in general, the thick wall, its quality is better. Great Wall relatively thick to 1. 5MM - 2毫米; Second look at the TAB design, poor rod using recycled plastic TAB, the window of the manufacturing process is rough. 2. Solid wood and is one of the most common curtain rod, its color is rich, give more options to the owner. We can use real wood curtain rod into clear color and cover color two kinds, basically depends on the processing of surface, whether smooth, the paint is uniform, decoration head shape and symmetry, solid wood decorative rail with sound and without the silencing of the two. If opening and closing more, it is recommended that the article choosing with the mute. 3. In addition to the above two kinds, often see the curtain rod and wrought iron, but now the material of the curtain rod has been rare. Iron curtain rod surface treatment has spray, electroplating, everyone in the choose and buy when the main check the quality of the coating and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate on the mounting bracket, and the thickness of the tube wall, etc. Curtain rod installation techniques in general, curtain rod are sold by the merchant is responsible for the installation of the later, but we can also understand the first related installation techniques, it can achieve the target. Specific installation tips are as follows: 1. Everyone must be used when install the curtain rod longer screw, must be used! And in that special skill, make bolts into the wall. If the expansion bolt is too short, not fixed, the effect of hand can pull down! 2. You must choose to use up and down all have the kind of curtain rod screw base. Some base only haven't punch a hole underneath all above, in this case, a base with only one screw. Although underground screws do not struggle, but it is very necessary, to prevent the base rotation! 3. You should plan the location of the base when installation, on two side-wall distance. So far, certainly not beautiful; But also not too close. 4. Everyone should be reasonable arrangements for the height of the curtain rod. In general, to 15 cm from the top, you can reference! 5. If metope to all curtain, curtain rod must be the same length as the wall. But if you only did things in the window, merchants said curtain rod than Windows 30 cm per side. Above is the small make up about what kind of curtain rod are there and curtain rod installation techniques related to share, to be a reference for everyone! If you have more questions, welcome to continue to pay attention to put information, later will give more attractive content for everyone.
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