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What kind of curtain rod is good?

by:Pacific     2020-04-12
When buying a curtain, we in addition to attention to the material of the curtain, design, and need to focus on understanding the material of curtain rod and durability. Role to play in support of the curtain curtain rod in the installation, so have a curtain rod, curtain will look more beautiful and easy, the curtain had better hang down feeling and stereo feeling. The curtain rod material on the market have a lot of kinds, such as aluminum alloy curtain rod, solid wood curtain rod, stainless steel curtain rod, etc. What good the curtain rod? What kind of material curtain rod? Let below small make up together to understand how curtain rod under the well! How good curtain rod 1, aluminium alloy curtain rod because of this material curtain rod lighter volume, easy to install, and its appearance fashion and easy, strong plasticity, and corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation, price also economical and practical, thus aluminum alloy curtain rod is also more widely used. In general, the market for aluminium alloy curtain rod at about 50 - 70 yuan, if its complex shape, the price will be higher. 2, real wood curtain rod because of its main material is solid wood, so compared with other materials of curtain rod, its market price is higher. It has the advantage of a strong decorative, can highlight a bedroom style, in rural, such as Chinese style, European household style are applicable. But real wood curtain rod also has some deficiency, it has a high requirement on the environment, if the environment is too dry, can lead to timber fracture; If the environment is too wet, put wood be affected with damp be affected with damp rot. 3, wrought iron curtain rod, its color is relatively single, adornment sex is bad, we this several common colors are black, grey and white. But it is more convenient to processing and can produce different styles and patterns, can meet the demand of the collocation of different decoration style. And wrought iron curtain rod with modelling diversity, have good artistic expression, can match with silk or gauze qualitative curtain rod, good decoration effect. Curtain rod how to choose and buy when the choose and buy, we need according to the design style and color of the curtain to choose appropriate style of curtain rod. For the color of the curtain rod, we usually is according to the requirement of the 'contrasting' the color, to choose. General families choose to use a curtain rod in the majority with 28 mm in diameter, diameter, the greater the bar, the more coarse.
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