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What kinds of curtain rods are there?

by:Pacific     2020-03-13
When choosing household curtains, the quality, material and price of the curtains themselves are all the contents that we will pay attention to in the first place, but in addition to these characteristics of the curtains themselves, the type of curtain rod and its quality are also crucial. What kinds of curtain rods are there? Understand these and let you choose curtain rods with high quality and low price. 1. Aluminum Alloy curtain rod the volume of this type of curtain rod is relatively light, customers can reduce the weight when buying, and easy to install. From the appearance point of view, the curtain rod of this material is undoubtedly fashionable and generous, which can meet people's requirements for aesthetic feeling. Its plasticity is extremely strong. Compared with curtain rods made of other materials, aluminum alloy curtain rods are less likely to be corroded by other substances and are not easy to deform under the sun. Its quality is guaranteed. The most important thing is that its price is also very favorable in the market and is favored by customers. In general, the curtain rod made of this material will have some changes in price according to the quality, but the overall price is acceptable. 2. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people have gradually realized the importance of trees to the world environment, so the act of deforestation has been forced. The material of solid wood curtain rod is solid wood, because resources are difficult to obtain, its price is higher than other curtain rods made of other materials on the market. Installing such curtain rods at home can play a good role in decoration and can also strongly highlight the style of family decoration. In families with pastoral, Chinese and European styles, curtain rods of this material have been greatly welcomed. However, the requirements of solid wood curtain rod for the environment are extremely high, neither too dry nor too wet. If the environment is too dry, the wood will be affected by the environment and the phenomenon of fracture will occur, which will cause harm to the people at home. If the environment is too humid, the wood will rot due to moisture. Therefore, when choosing curtain rods of this material, one must choose them according to the characteristics of one's own home. 3. The curtain rod made of iron curtain rod cannot play a strong decorative role at home, because its color is relatively monotonous, only black, silver and white. But because it is simple and single, it saves a lot of effort in the production process. When making, different patterns and patterns will be created according to different requirements of customers. Because of its simplicity and generosity, it is extremely suitable for most family decoration styles. The iron curtain rod has many decorative patterns on the head of the rod, which has strong artistic quality. Matching silk or yarn curtains will have a very decorative effect. What kinds of curtain rods are there, and the types are clear. When choosing, it is targeted. When choosing, pay attention to the selection according to the environment of your home and the decoration style.
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