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What kitchen curtain is good?

by:Pacific     2020-07-24
Kitchen 1, the choice of the curtain shutter shade blinds with durable fresh, easy to clean, not aging, not faded, shading, heat insulation, ventilation fire wait for a characteristic, suitable for office, bedroom, villas, the place such as kitchen, toilet, at the same time can cooperate with stickers to make it more pure and fresh and elegant style. So the shutter shade is a very good choice. Halfway up 2, decorative hanging kitchen curtain decoration can be divided into three thirds, pervious to light, up and down the middle to middle hung on a small lateral curtain, as a result, not only guarantee the kitchen space has plenty of light, and will cut off the line of sight of the outside world, could not cooking when I was down to achieve the beautiful kitchen. 3, shutter curtain by volume tube of the curtain fluctuate of the name, fabric usually use polyester or fiberglass fabrics, polyester fabrics with good ductility and anti high temperature, oil pollution prevention, etc. Can be rolled back when not needed, when needed, can be put down to, greatly strengthen the practicality! 4, with gauze shade decoration hanging the kitchen curtain decoration method, not only practical but also very well have very good adornment effect, gauze shade always give a person a kind of hazy beauty, with a green ribbon, not only convenient installation, it is also very easy to unpick and wash, beautiful and practical, is currently one of the good choice of modern home kitchen. 5, curtain of Europe type if the kitchen is Europe type style, the choice of the curtain when it took Europe type style, can install a dedicated in the corner where you put the curtain rod, when cooking can be put up at this time, so don't cook can down, this way is very good. Is a lot of people will choose. Geomantic exquisite kitchen kitchen curtain rod curtain installation connected with feng shui, five lines of gossip is feng shui is very exquisite, in the choice of the color, material, design of the curtain would give the kitchen feng shui caused certain effect, so in choosing a kitchen curtain installation requires special attention.
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