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What should I pay attention to when accepting the curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-02-23
I believe that many owners will encounter the acceptance of the decoration project, but how to accept the acceptance of the curtain rod? (Precautions for curtain rod installation) First of all, we need to monitor the unevenness of the curtain rod by the ruler. From the test results, we can see that the height of the two joints of the curtain rod is different, resulting in the unevenness of the curtain rod. This is the result of the construction that is not serious, curtains like this curtain rod are exposed to the outside, which affects its beauty. Special attention should be paid to the installation of curtains. The size should be enough. The length of the curtain rod must be larger than the width of the window cover. A distance of at least 10cm should be reserved between the lower edge of the Wall top gypsum line and the upper edge of the window cover. Suggestion: the acceptance of curtain installation is very good. I hope to keep in mind the above points. As long as the curtain accessories you choose are good enough to match the style of your new home, I believe they will definitely have a good effect! The above is the acceptance standard of the curtain rod. When we accept the curtain standard, we check whether the curtain is vertical and harmonious with the room as a whole, and then look at the quality of the cloth, whether there is wire removal, and whether the track and Roman Rod have cracks, so as not to back processing off phenomenon. The style and method of matching curtains and curtain rods are chosen by our own personal preferences when we choose curtain rods. In fact, it is wrong to do so, when we buy, we must match our decorative style. Let's share it with you. The choice of curtain rods is mainly the choice of color and style. According to the main colors of home decoration and curtain cloth, the curtain rods of different colors should be matched. In addition, the selected curtain rods should be matched with the overall style to make the overall color beauty of the room harmonious. For example, most people's homes are mainly based on simple style. It is advisable to choose a curtain rod with a simple color and a simple shape ( For example: black, white, silver, mahogany, walnut, wood color). According to the style collocation example: Modern style curtain track simple lines, is the theme of modernism, is also the mainstream of today's decorative art, but also the style loved by young people. To create a window full of modern style, choosing a metal curtain rod is the best way. The silver metal curtain rod is matched with a transitional fabric with a delicate texture and elegant color, showing a rational modern style. The rustic style Roman Rod uses a curtain rod with a strong wood texture, and a single color or a simple line of curtain fabric. It is a country style matching method that is constantly changing. The exotic Scottish plaid curtains are also liked by many people. Use this large plaid pattern as a curtain, still with a wooden curtain rod (At least the head should be wooden) A good English pastoral style is in front of you. Modern neo-classical Roman rods modern people face too much life and work pressure and are eager to return to a warm and comfortable home life. The elegant and pure modern neoclassical style has naturally become popular. The form and principle of symmetrical balance can make the tired day's vision have a reasonable relaxation, and the elegant and unsightly cloth color, not too eye-catching. Gold, beige and white, bronze gold, plain colors and thick jacquard and cotton fabrics are absolutely suitable for a calm home environment. European and American style Roman Rod Noble Black, warm red, sexy purple, gorgeous gold, 19th century European kingdom classical architecture and court pattern, thick, three-dimensional, multi-level, A variety of precious materials with different textures create a noble, elegant and romantic atmosphere. Here you can use the passionate imagination: Gentleman's demeanor, lady's purity, candlelight swaying, wine rising, light song and dance, whispering, fragrant and elegant, sexy and charming. Classical metal tones, vintage wood grain tones, European style with colorful tones and thick large flowers and cotton fabrics. It reflects the elite of the society, successful people, and the pursuit of an elegant, romantic, luxurious, self-confident and superior lifestyle.
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