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What some of the ways to hang the curtains

by:Pacific     2020-06-18
Common curtain hook into four claw, Korean S hook and clamp clasp to wait for a few kinds. Clip buckle is hanging ring with a small clip directly, directly with the clip on the curtain cloth, used in the kitchen or bathroom this window is small, convenient and quick. Application more or four claw and Korean S hook. With four claw, due to the curtain cloth in advance will be playing on the tape, then directly according to fold effect will wear several of four claw hooks into the tape reserved hole. With Korean S hook, hook is directly will wear into the curtain cloth, hook and a hanging on the hanging ring directly. hook is relatively simple, first of all, the curtain hook is fixed on the wall, and then put the curtain hook above can, hang curtain more common methods include two kinds, one kind is Rome pole method, another is the method of the curtain rod track, the two methods are relatively good, everyone in the installation of the curtain, can according to the needs of the home to make a decision, is to choose the curtain rod or curtain track. When we were in the use of the curtain, also can match with the curtain hook, so everyone for curtain rod hook is also very concerned about. Actually use curtain hook is also very simple, as long as we put the curtain hanging on the curtain hook is ok. hook installation method is more, we are usually the curtain hook installed on the wall, above all is the best should be handed over to the master of professional to install. A lot of people when wash the curtains to feel the worry, because every time we want to wash the curtains, puts it down to wash again. When down is very simple. But hang on to compare when I was in trouble, or hang up, as a result the curtain littering, not good-looking. So here I will teach you several ways! A, flat type hanging method is decorated in the sitting room curtain hanging method, flat type hanging method is very simple, is the modern home life space in one of the most common curtain hanging method, perforation, thimble, lashing, condole belt, such as form, will also reflect master relaxed and free way of life. Second, adornment shade head curtain curtain hanging in the sitting room method, compared with the other curtain hanging method, adornment shade head curtain hanging method is very economical and practical. One is not to need to pulley, can be directly hung on the wall inside the curtain rod inserted into the top box; Second, can use the half type, is suitable for the small window. H fold, fold by hand, smoke plait, condole belt and so on the different form, show the household space pure and sweet. Three, pleated type hanging method under normal circumstances, pleated type hanging method and single and double, single layer pleated curtain often give a person a kind of hazy feeling, and double pleated curtain will effectively reduce the loss of cooling, this kind of curtain method often create a elegant atmosphere of the household space. Four, the Roman curtain hanging method in the curtain to decorate, the Roman curtain use is very convenient, its can choose according to the seasons change and pull up and down, different shape will naturally be folded in half and has a strong sense of three-dimensional, condole belt, four smoke plait type, with bottom crystal type, etc. , this show the household life space lively and vivid. There shall be hangings of five, the curtain hanging method and curtain hanging method is mainly pendant lace curtain fashion, in changeful color shade head design, if the fan, W form, folding fan, circular curtain form, and so on, different fold shade head design, will give people different visual effect, usually suitable for ornate household life style. I wash the curtains at ordinary times with the pleated type hanging method is more, before I won't.
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