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What types curtain cloth fabric?

by:Pacific     2020-06-12
Six of the curtain rod cloth, cotton, plant fiber, advantages: good permeability, wearing comfortable, but easy to wrinkle, fade easily, flexibility is poor, the mould, but the bug eat by moth. Second, hemp, plant fiber, similar to cotton fabric, cloth is bright and clean, smooth, good air permeability, moisture absorption heat dissipation. 1, thermal conductivity, moisture absorption than cotton fabric, tenacity, absorb sweat, a refreshing. 2, good mildew resistance, good water resistance, not easy to erosion by water. 3, low sensitivity to acid and alkali, elasticity is the worst in the natural fiber. 4, linen fabric, ironing temperature 170 ~ 195 degrees, water can be opposite after ironing. Knowledge: washing with cotton maintenance methods are similar, after washing directly hung out to dry. 3, 1, fast wear wool fabric: fiber surface is protected, the fabrics have good wear resistance, hard. 2, qualitative light, warmth retention property good, small density than cotton, poor conductor, warmth retention property good, can resist the outside air conditioning, and the body heat is not easy to send out. 3, good elasticity, anti-wrinkle: natural curly, resilient rate is high, after ironing setting, not easy to fold, can keep for a long time intimate with smooth surface, but there will be a bulb. 4, hygroscopicity strong, wearing comfortable, moisture absorption is strong, can absorb human body moisture, feel comfortable when wearing. 5, not easy fade: the dyeing, the dyeing seep into the fiber lining, maintains for a long time. 6, be able to bear or endure dirty: surface scaly, can hide dust, no static electricity. 7, alkali resistance is poor, under wet state the worm, difficult to wash, after washing will be out of shape, can only be dry-cleaned. Washing knowledge: with a special silk wool detergent washing, need to patch or steam ironing, perm opposite to positive first, otherwise there will be the aurora. Four, silk: good luster, soft fabric, suitable for summer wear, hygroscopicity good, and in good health. Disadvantages: shrink, easy to wrinkle, should pay attention to clothing store, acid detergent for washing. Knowledge: washing with silk wool detergent, dry in the shade, ironing temperature at 150 degrees Celsius. Five, polyester: 1, high strength and elasticity. Not only fast and durable, and anti-wrinkle, wash after wash and wear. 2, small hygroscopicity, washable quick-drying. Wet strength after deformation. 3, poor connectivity, melting resistance, disadvantages: with cotton, wool and viscose fiber blended fabric is improved. 4, good abrasion resistance and thermoplastic. Because clothing fold fold, conformal sex is good. Washing knowledge: suitable for all kinds of detergent, iron temperature at the end of 180220 degrees Celsius. Six, polyamide fiber: 1, the abrasion resistance among the top of the various kinds of fabrics, 20 times higher than pure wool fabrics, about four times higher than that of polyester fabric. Its high intensity, and small wet strength, good durability. 2, good hygroscopicity, comfort and dyeing is better than polyester fabric. 3, light texture, add the feeling of light clothing. 4, good elasticity, restorative, a little under the external force is out of shape. 5, poor heat resistance and light fastness, pay attention to the washing, ironing, and taking conditions, so as to avoid damage. Washing knowledge: suitable for all kinds of detergent, iron temperature at 150180 degrees Celsius.
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