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What Types of Curtain Rod Sets are There?

What Types of Curtain Rod Sets are There?


Curtains are an important accessory in any home. They present many functional and decorative benefits with curtain rod sets. For these reasons, many homeowners pay detailed attention to these wonderful furnishings. If you’re one such homeowner, don’t forget to buy curtain rod sets. While curtain rod sets may be just an accessory to put on drapes and curtains, they could make a big difference in enhancing the look of your windows. Plus, hanging window treatments via pleasing rods could take your home’s decor to a new level. However, choosing an ideal curtain rod sets type can be a task, thanks to so many types of rods out there.

Curtain Rod Sets

    Types of quality curtain rods

With so many rod types, anyone could get overwhelmed. The existence of numerous options widens your search criteria. Also, it lets you pick the most suitable rods. However, your choice becomes equally daunting and difficult. Yet, your time and efforts are worth the purchase. Surfing through the wide variety lets you get familiar with the various types of curtain rod sets. Plus, it helps to make an informed decision. If you’re heading out to shop, here’s a list of popular rod types that you should consider.

Single quality curtain rods

Those who’ve bought a curtain rod at any given time are familiar with the single rod. It’s the most traditional and popularly used rod. Single rods are essentially a lone bar installed at the top of the windowpane that thread via the grommets, rings, or pockets of drapes or curtains to keep them in place. You can find these rods made out of various materials. Metal, wood, and plastic rods are particularly common.

Many single rods rest freely on wall-mounted brackets. Most of them are straight, whereas others are curved at a 90-degree angle and mounted directly to the wall. These are mostly used in modern homes. Popularly called return rods or French rods, these quality curtain rods block most light compared to the basic rods. Standard rods are preferred for their decor and aesthetics. On the flip side, curved French rods make a great choice for their functionality and style.

Double quality curtain rods

These curtain rod sets are similar to single rods in terms of designs. They’re capped by finials and rest mostly on wall mounted brackets. However, double rods allow you a more layer of decoration than single quality curtain rods. If you wish to transform your simple, traditional windows elegantly, double rods are the best. Typically, the curtain that rests on the front rod blocks the light, whereas the back curtain is sheer.

The front rod is a bit longer with more pleasing finials, whereas the short back rod features a simple finish and finials. Double curtain rods come in a set with brackets included. Most of the double rods are made out of metals, but you can find them in many other materials and finishes too. Buyers have to be a little more diligent when buying double curtain rods to make the best out of these functional pieces.

Spring rods

Besides the basic single and double rod types, you’ll find many other types of rods. Spring rods are a special mention in this respect. Also called tension rods, they’re the easiest to mount compared to any other rods. It’s the convenience that makes these rods highly popular among homeowners.

Installing these quality curtain rods doesn’t necessitate the use of hardware. These rods hold themselves up. The springs that push the rod ends outward mount directly to the molding or windowsill. If you choose spring rods, make sure that you buy light curtains. Since these rods only rely on their pressure, they can’t hold bulky or heavy curtains.

Magnetic rods

If you wish to buy curtain rod sets that are easy to install but decorative at the same time, consider magnetic rods. Just like spring rods, they hold themselves up in place. However, these rods use magnets instead of springs. They’re more elegant than spring rods and display your style statement in the best manner.

The only downside of these models is the cost. They’re a bit heavier on your pocket. Plus, you’ve to expend extra on installing metal windowsills; otherwise, these rods won’t work. If money isn’t a problem, then magnetic rods make a better choice over spring rods.

Sash rods

Sash rods are another set of rods to consider. They’re thin and decorative. Designed to be placed slightly above the windowpanes, these rods allow the curtain to hang up toward the bottom. If sash rods are your choice, make certain that you buy curtains longer than your windows.

Cafe sash rods

They’re a modified version of sash rods. They’re also used for hanging curtains longer than windows. However, they’re larger in circumference than the traditional sash rods. Also, they stick out from the wall slightly instead of lying against the floor/surface. Be wary of this point when considering these quality curtain rods.

Crystal clear rods

These are regular rods that you find in the market. The only specialty about them is they’ve transparent colors. As such, you can’t spot the rods from a distant place. Crystal clear rods are ideal for homeowners who don’t want to use curtain valances for concealing the rod. You can find crystal clear rods in sash, spring, or other rod types.

Concealed rods

Some homeowners want to hide curtain rods. If you’re one such homeowner, consider concealed rods. They come as a metal (adjustable) seam-lock rod. They remain covered by drapes and curtains all the time.

Extendable curtain rods

These curtain rod sets are extendable. It means you can extend the area of the rod. They allow homeowners better flexibility and let them change curtains every now and then. You may add wide or narrow curtains as per your needs.

Bottom line

Buying quality curtain rods is a major decision. You need to assess your home decor, plan your budget, and review suitable rods matching your specifics. Just check the various types of curtain rod sets detailed above. With handy information, picking the right rods matching your budget and needs becomes easy and hassle-free.