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When hanging curtains, is it better to use the track or use other ones? What's the difference?

by:Pacific     2020-03-02
The curtain rod is a circular sealed pole, usually with a ring or buckle. It is suitable for windows that do not have a ceiling curtain box. It plays a certain decorative role. The exposure is better, but the pull is not smooth. Since only one bracket can be placed in the middle, considering the load-bearing problem, the total length should not exceed 3. 5 m. The curtain track generally belongs to the dark pole, that is, the track is not visible, and it is more smooth to pull, which is better than the pole. The curtain track is not exposed, so it is necessary to make a ceiling to leave a curtain box, and there is no limit on the length. Curtain rod materials are mostly made of metal and wood. 1. The solid wood rod is made of pure natural wood strips, which has strong natural affinity. The family decoration style is suitable for the countryside. A solid wood curtain rod, with monochrome or simple lines of curtain cloth, is very harmonious ( The air in the South is relatively humid, and the solid wood curtain rods are not prone to deformation and cracking, while the North is not suitable); 2, aluminum alloy curtain rod Material light, plasticity and corrosion resistance, affordable, stylish and generous, its metal texture ensures a variety of curtain fabrics, is the choice of many families ( Can be bent greatly to solve the problem of turning Windows); 3. The wrought iron rod has good ductility and artistic expression, and has various shapes. This kind of curtain rod avoids being yanked and pulled, and the paint of the curtain rod is easy to fall off. Note on the purchase of curtain rods: Overall, stainless steel is the most durable. It is recommended to ask the salesperson when selecting, or remove the decorative head and observe the internal structure of the curtain rod. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall thickness, the better, can prevent deformation. The household curtain track is an accessory used to hang curtains, facilitate the opening and closing of curtains, and increase the beauty of curtains; There are many kinds of curtain tracks, which are generally divided into bright rails and dark rails. The bright rails have wooden rods, steel pipe rods, etc. , and the dark rails have aluminum alloy tracks, silent tracks, etc. The Serpentine curtain tracks that have emerged in recent years, popular in Europe, Taiwan and other regions. First, with the box curtain track family soft loaded with curtain box, you can buy ordinary type, moderate price curtain track, because there is a curtain box cover, does not affect the appearance, and the fastness is high, and it is easy to pull when used. If the selected curtain material is relatively heavy (Such as: cotton and linen curtains, double-layer craft curtains) It is necessary to choose a track with a better bearing capacity. For example, the large window curtain on the European curtain can be added with a male or female buckle or a rail when making it; Second, no box curtain track no curtain box, that is, the curtain track exposed outside, it is recommended to buy Roman rods or wrought iron rods, the appearance is gorgeous, the material is mostly wood and metal, the price is generally higher than the ordinary curtain track, and the smoothness is not very good. If the curtain is thick in the home, it is recommended not to buy it, which will easily cause the curtain rod to bend; European style family soft clothing is very suitable, which is conducive to highlighting the overall match, the curtains are not very heavy to choose. Household curtain track purchase note: Regardless of the box or no box, both practicality and aesthetics need to be taken into account when purchasing, the material of the curtain should be coordinated with the style and overall effect, there is also the bearing capacity of the curtain track.
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