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Which is better, curtain guide rail, track or Roman Rod?

by:Pacific     2020-02-29
There are basically two hanging methods for ordinary curtains, one is the curtain rails and rods and the other is a series of pull rings in the middle of the curtain track; Another Roman Rod is a rod with a ring in the middle, and both ends are blocked by a head larger than the ring. As for which style is suitable for curtain rails or Roman rods, there seems to be no perfect match. are simple in shape and are usually installed on the top and covered with curtain boxes, plaster lines or ceilings because they are better blocked. Roman rods have various beautiful shapes and are usually installed on walls. If you want to cover up the required space, you will look better. On the left side of the picture is a curtain box made of ceiling, which should be a curtain rails and rods, and the front of the sofa is a Roman rod. Curtain guide curtains are used to make curtain boxes with ceilings and plaster lines, and plaster lines are used to make curtain guide curtains for curtain boxes. No ceiling or wide plaster line, lower floor height with Roman Rod, cannot be hung, not suitable for plaster line, use Roman rod. In fact, it is still a better thinking problem, it depends on whether to do the upper limit. There is also a special case, that is, curved curtains, generally use curtain rails and rods, because the curtain track is relatively simple, and the Roman rod is not bent. In addition to these two kinds of ordinary curtains, you can also choose curtains and other materials. How to distinguish between good and bad curtain rails? Now there are more bright rails. The so-called bright rails are the general name of Roman railings and decorative railings. The Ming rail is made of aluminum alloy, solid wood and steel. 1. Solid wood decorative rail: it is common and has various colors. It can be divided into transparent color and covering color according to the type. It mainly depends on the surface treatment, whether it is smooth, whether the coating is uniform, and the shape of the decorative head is symmetrical, solid wood decorative curtain rails have silencers and no two types of silencers are basically the same, because the number of times the curtains are opened and closed is not many times a day. 2. Aluminum alloy decoration: There are many in the market, and the difference in quality depends on his wall thickness. Good walls are relatively thick, at 1. 5 MM-2 MM. Secondly, the design of the pull ring is designed. Many aluminum alloy decorative curtain rails are pulled to the upper part of the curtain rails. The lower part has a groove, which is actually a fake decorative curtain guide design. The real decorative Rod pull ring slides directly on the rod, and the bad decorative Rod uses recycled plastic pull ring, and the manufacturing process is rough. 3. Steel pipe decorative Rod: Commonly known as wrought iron rod, surface treatment is spraying, electroplating, diameter 16 MM, 19 MM, 20 MM, 25 MM, etc. The quality depends on the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the mounting foot and the thickness of the pipe wall.
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