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Which is better, curtain rod or curtain track?

by:Pacific     2020-02-14
Is the curtain rod good or the curtain track good? Are solid wood rods and stainless steel rods more durable? These are all issues that must be considered when installing curtains. First, the curtain rod is a round sealing rod. This is a bright pole. It is usually a ring or buckle. Suitable for windows without ceiling curtains. It plays a certain decorative role. The exposed surface is better, but the pull is not smooth. Since only one bracket can be placed in the middle, considering the bearing weight, the total length should not exceed 3. 5 m. The curtain rod material is mainly made of aluminum, wrought iron and solid wood. The prices of different materials vary greatly, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. 1, solid wood stick features: made of pure natural wood, natural affinity, home decoration style suitable for pastoral, solid wood curtain rod with monochrome or simple curtain fabric, very harmonious ( The south wind is humid, the solid wood curtain rod is not easy to deform, crack, etc. , the North is not suitable); Optional Method: solid wood window bar is common and has various colors. It can be divided into transparent color and covering color according to the type, mainly depending on whether the surface treatment is smooth, the paint surface is uniform, and the shape of the decorative head is uniform, there are two types of solid wood decorative tracks with and without silencers. 2. Characteristics of forged iron window rods: good ductility, strong artistic expression and different shapes. This kind of curtain rod avoids the appearance of curtain rod paint falling off; Optional methods: surface treatment of forged iron window rods, spraying and electroplating. When purchasing, the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of frame steel plate and the thickness of pipe wall shall be mainly checked. In general, stainless steel is the most durable. It is recommended to ask the salesperson when selecting or removing the decorative head and observe the internal structure of the curtain rod. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall, the better. Second, the curtain track is generally a dark pole, so you can't see the track. It is smoother and pulls better than the rod. 1. Curtain Track exposure is not good, so you need to make a ceiling to leave the curtain box, there is no limit to the length. There are two types of curtain boxes: one is that the room has a ceiling, and the curtain box should be hidden on the ceiling and completed together when the top ceiling is made; The other is that the room is not hung, the curtain box is fixed on the wall, and the window frame becomes a whole. The Home Soft set is equipped with a curtain box, and the ordinary model and curtain track can be purchased at a moderate price; 2. No frame curtain track that is to say, bare curtain track, it is recommended to buy Roman rod or wrought iron rod, the appearance is gorgeous, the material is mostly wood and metal, the price is higher than the ordinary curtain track, the smoothness is not very good, if the curtains at home are very thick, it is recommended not to buy them, which may cause the curtain rods to bend; It is very suitable for European-style soft clothes, which is conducive to highlighting the overall match. The curtains are not very heavy and can be chosen. Household curtain track purchase note: whether it is a box or a box, you should consider the practicality and aesthetics of the purchase. Three, the installation preparation Rod opening and dark rod installation method is not much different, basically according to the Assembly, the fixing process positioning. 1. The way to hang the curtain rod is divided into a suspension ring and a suspension ring. The curtain rod with hanging ring is used to directly hang the curtain processed by the cloth belt, and the finished curtain is directly hung on the four-legged hook; Curtain rods without rings are mainly used for hanging curtains or threaded curtains. The curtain rod with the ring needs to be assembled before installation. 2. Determine the installation width and height of the curtain rod before installing the curtain rod, first determine the installation position, I . e. the installation height and width. The width of the curtain rod can be determined by the width of the window, which is 20 ~ more than the width of the window ~ 30; The mounting height of the curtain rod is divided into a transparent rod and a dark rod. The mounting height of the bright rod is located in the middle above the ceiling of the window frame, and the dark rod is mounted on any part of the curtain box at the top or on the side of the curtain box. 3. Positioning and punching considering the firmness of the fixing and avoiding the excessive spacing of the fixing parts, the spacing of the fixing holes must be calculated first. Generally, the spacing between fixed parts is not more than 50 cm, and then the positioning line; After fixing the fixed position, it is necessary to drill holes and fill the expansion screws. If it is a wooden base, no drilling is required, and it can be directly fixed with a self-tapping screw. 4. Install the curtain rod for the Roman Rod. After the positioning hole, you can fix the mounting bracket first, then place the rod on the mounting bracket; If it is a curtain rail, use the side code or the top code to fix the assembled curtain rail directly to the wall or ceiling.
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