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Which is better, Roman rod or curtain track?

by:Pacific     2020-02-15
A lot of people are entangled in installing new curtains on the windows, because I always want to compare whether to install curtain tracks or Roman rods, but in fact, don't worry, as long as we understand their advantages and disadvantages, there will be a clear answer. Let's follow baijuyi to see which one should be chosen. Curtain Track curtain track is a beam used to hang curtains. The shaft is cylindrical and the two sides of the rod are in the form of gourd, named after ancient Roman architecture. Most curtain tracks are bright sticks, usually with loops or buckles. The advantage is that it can be applied to windows without ceiling curtain boxes in advance. It is more beautiful when exposed, and plays a certain decorative role, and the material of the curtain track is different, including solid wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and can be selected. The disadvantage is that only one bracket can be placed in the middle. Considering the bearing problem, the length of the rod cannot exceed 3. 5 m. Because it is too long, thick curtains are easy to bend and deform. Due to the curtain track material, it is relatively expensive. In addition, the curtain track is not very smooth. The Roman Rod is a kind of curtain hung on the Roman rod, and the curtain is opened by the Roman rod movement of the hook. The Roman Rod is a dark rod. The advantage is that it can carry out multiple Roman rod movements, so there is no limit on the length, and the price on the market is relatively cheap, which is more economical and cost-effective to use. If the window has an irregular shape, the Roman rod can be bent according to its degree. The adaptability is relatively large. The disadvantage is that the curtain Roman rod is not easy to see, so it is more troublesome to leave the curtain box on the ceiling. So how do you choose these two? First, the cost, the curtain track price is more expensive than the slide rail, generally more than 20 yuan/meter, the required length is also relatively long, do not need the length of the slide rail. Second, it is easy to clean this curtain track is very convenient. Remove the plugs at both ends and remove the curtains from the bracket for cleaning. Since the slide rail has many hooks, it is very inconvenient to remove and clean. It is best to ask the owner during installation. Third, the ceiling installation, did not do the ceiling? Then don't install the guide rail, it is not beautiful, curtain track is the best choice. If you do a ceiling, you can reserve space for the curtain box during the renovation and install sliding curtains, remember that the size should be accurate. Due to the material, the friction between the curtain track and the ring and the rod, the smoothness of the curtain is not comparable to the slide rail, and there may be blockage. The slide rail may be linear or circular. Slide smoothly. If your window has an arc or other opposite sex, you can only use the slide rail, because the curtain track is not suitable for bending, only suitable for ordinary windows. Style although slides are cheaper, there are still more people willing to use curtain tracks. Why? Because it is more beautiful. The slide rail is basically not limited by style. The ceiling is a multifunctional ceiling, but the curtain tracks are different. The bare body can have different shapes and colors to better shape the style.
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