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Which is better to install the bay window curtain track?

by:Pacific     2020-02-15
New home decoration, naturally happy, for the choice and decoration of bay window curtains, many friends are making trouble, what should the bay window and foreign bay window pay attention? Is the curtain a step or a landing? What should I pay attention to when the window curtain track? The choice of window curtains the choice of window curtains is generally based on the shape of the window, and you can choose to float outside and float inside. In addition, the popular bay window can be divided into two forms, one with steps and the other with landing. Usually, the larger window is best composed of several separate curtains to form a larger curtain, each of which is bound separately and then connected together into a unit. If the window is small, you can use curtains or Roman curtains directly. The type of curtain track for floating windows curtain track can generally be divided into two forms, one is a bright bar and the other is a dark track. In the open rod, its material can be divided into wood, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and wrought iron. On some windows without curtain boxes, curtain tracks with bright light poles will be exposed to the wall and are not suitable for windowsills. In addition, bright Rod curtain track Wood is the most widely used and can be easily matched with furniture. However, it is not without shortcomings. Its disadvantage is that if the length exceeds 3 meters, it must be segmented, otherwise it is easy to bend and deform. Dark rails are suitable for bay windows with or without curtain boxes. The dark track curtain track is more beautiful, and it is very convenient to make a window sill on the window. The curtain track of the dark track has flexible track and straight track, which is very flexible and free to choose. In terms of price, it is cheaper than better wooden tracks, is smoother to use, is not suitable for stagnation, and has a long service life. What are the benefits of using a bay window curtain rail? In the room of the bay window, the bay window is relatively large. Installing the curtain guide rail along the track of the bay window curtain can effectively protect the marble or artificial stone on the bay window, as well as the wood floor, make the space in the room look bigger and more spacious. Installing curtain tracks on floating windows can make the windows look generous and simple, and then selecting suitable curtains, reasonable design and matching can create a warm home space. Good curtains can improve the style of the whole room. It is very important to choose the appropriate floating window curtain track according to different window types. Then, there are many choices for bay window curtains and its tracks.
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