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Window curtain to do?

by:Pacific     2020-07-06
Window curtain is fine, form a complete set of customized curtain cloth art method 1 window curtain, generally is made inside the window curtains, drapes do in gone with the wind out of the window side of the mouth, place. Window curtain, inside the window on the window glass around a circle, a u-shaped, l-shaped, height with high wave within the window. The curtain of the bedroom do wall to be born more commonly, if you have radiator, window size, can also do it twice by 30 cm long. In addition, there is the drapes and supporting the gauze shade of directly to do together in the bay window, so save cloth, and appear the bedroom is very big, not burdensome. 2 the design of the curtain, window in a room, the window size, shape, should choose different style, can sometimes make up some window type defect. More popular on the market at present the design of a Roman shade, condole curtain, portable shade, litre fall shade, etc. , and is suitable for the metal shutters of toilet, kitchen, wooden, bamboo blinds, etc. , suitable for use in the bedroom dark during the day and dual-use non-woven blinds is very convenient. In general, equipped with large area glass observation window, can use a rope mechanical window rail, USES the ground behind the effect is good, also can use several groups of Roman shade patchwork, adornment effect is better. For bay window, big window to choose made up by several separate curtain curtain, the curtain can be fastened, alone with continuous soft curtain rail connect between various curtain as a whole. Roman shade is suitable for wave window, because the vertical blinds fold will cover part of the light, and closed curtains don't tidy, affect the overall appearance. The Roman shade down have hang down feeling, curl is neat and beautiful. The window is lesser, choose the Roman curtain or litre fall shade is good. Kitchen, toilet, etc due to damp, lampblack, with shutter more appropriate. Additional leisure thing, also suitable for choose wooden or bamboo blinds, balcony should choose fast, not easy to fade the curtain of material. 3, the price of the material of window curtain cloth curtain of fabric texture, the price of cotton, linen, silk, wool quality is higher, but also the most popular with consumers. The main factors of current price is not about consumption, instead of design and color design of the novel as the primary factor to attract consumers. And some of the new with spends, floral pattern design is the most popular. Have certain shrinkage, but the texture of fabric hand to loose when buying some, hit the size of the shrink, the country is not standard on shrinkage, European standard of execution in 3% to 5%, had better ask when buying. The curtain of synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber texture, due to shrink, fade, anti-wrinkle, etc is better than that of cotton fabric, suitable for the strong sunshine sunshine room. But many modern fabric, is the natural fiber blended with synthetic fiber or synthetic fiber, and thus is both a long time. Due to the design of modern window curtain is more and more concise, suspension is convenient and simple, so many families are at the same time do a few sets, hanging in different season. At present in the field of the fabric consumption, is becoming more and more attention to the brand, the brand cloth art design, colors have become the vanguard, they are in line with international standards, introducing some of the world first-class cloth art to domestic, implements the door-to-door survey, design, service specification. 4, window curtain color color is bad, will make the downgrading of bay window. Not only show the effect, it will destroy the whole environment atmosphere. Usually our window curtain selection of color are some of the color is not very tall lightness, in other words, is the wave window cannot too bright-coloured color choice. Since the role of the wave window in addition to decorate a bedroom, it is the most fundamental or to protect people's privacy. Suggestions combined with the overall domestic outfit style to select window curtain rod color, choose the curtain that light color such as contracted style is better, such as, light yellow, pale purple, cream-colored, pinkish purple; Rural style choose pink, small broken flower. Can also choose to fashionable silvery gray. 5, window curtain style on the market window style variety is more, and our friends may have Europe type style is decorated in the bedroom, may also have Chinese style, also there will be other style. So we when doing the window curtain to choose, be sure to choose style of the same window style. But also nothing more than to be like mixing part of friends. When doing the window curtain to choose, can find some more decoration cases for reference.
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